Unit V: Back To The Future


Part 1: Hip-Hoperation Earth

Students will examine the role the environment has played in Hip-Hop from the weather to the emergence of “Green Hip-Hop”

  • Insert Earth Amplified Videos
  • Listen to Hip HopE by Professor A.L.I.

Part 2: “Reincarnature” and the Paradigm Shifts

Can Hip-Hop really die?  What is the new paradigm shift occurring in this culture?

  • Read “Lesson Before Dying” in Asante
  • Listen to “Hip Hop Is Dead” by Nas
  • Watch/Listen to “Hip Hop Aint Dead” Lowkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKOrHAUULrI
  • Listen to “Reincarnature” by Professor A.L.I.
  • What do you think—is Hip Hop dead?
  • Listen to “Paradigm Shifts” by Professor A.L.I.

Part 3: The Mic Shall Inherit The Earth

Students will ask and answer the question of how in the era of social media and the web, and independent artistry, the global M.C. has become anonymous and the voice of Hip-Hop has morphed into a voice for counter culture.  Case studies will include Africa, the Zapatista Movement and the Middle East.  Students will read excerpts from Ishmael Beah’s Memoir and essays by Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Students will also explore the role Hip-Hop is playing in the Free Leonard Peltier movement.


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