Unit I: Introduction

HipHopEd Unit1

Unit 1:  INTRODUCTION (1 Week)

  • Read course syllabus
  1. What is Hip-Hop? (3 Days)

Part 1: Students will be able to define terminology in relation to Hip-Hop.  Students will come to understand that at its core, that Hip Hop is intelligent movement.

  • Define Hip-Hop assignment: What is your definition of Hip-Hop (write 2-3 lines)? (No Wrong Answer); comment on assignment
  • Soundtrack To My Life post (Total 3 songs), not Hip-Hop specific—comment on two people’s “Soundtrack To My Life” posts, then answer the following questions: what about the music captures your life? Is it the instrument, tone, lyrics, etc?
  • Discussion question: How important are lyrics in a song?
  • Reading: Read “A New Covenant” and “The First Overstanding” from the Gospel of Hip-Hop by KRS-One then listen to “You Must Learn” by Boogie Down Productions and take notes
  • Answer following reading/listening questions: What does KRS-One argue constitutes Hip-Hop in his mind? Why is knowledge important if at all?
  • Listen to “The Inception” by Professor A.L.I. ; what is “X” and what are the three areas that the “XFactor” covers?XFactor by Professor A.L.I.
  1. Elements or Aesthetic? (1 Day)

Part 2: Students will be able to process a critique of the academic four-element categorization in relation to understanding Hip-Hop as an aesthetic.

  • Watch the following video clip and respond:(Write a short paragraph commenting on what the speaker argues and connect it back to your reading.)
  • Listen to “4 Elements of the Hip-Hopalypse” by Professor A.L.I. and take notes
  • Answer following reading/listening question: what are the arguments posed by the first two verses of the song regarding the elements of Hip-Hop?
  • Listen to “Definition” by Blakstar and take notes
  • Answer following reading/listening question: how do Mos Def (Yaasin Bey) and Talib Kweli define Hip-Hop?



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