XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Express despite doubt, X Is a lighthouse/A threat to White house, so erased like whiteout/And Like shrouds, lost in Labyrinth, in Nazareth/And domes shattered by a battle with, an asterisk/Accidents? Mecca birthed Hip-Hop, X Factor this,/Seventeenth Chapter, imperative you master this/A sanctioned hit, scatters black consciousness/Re-assassinated; by Niki’s obnoxiousness/She’s an operative; of an toxic architect/Beyond congressmen; who else, targets X?/Blatant disrespect, of an X, bearing a rifle/A variable peepin’ threats, not American idol/He’s placenta to Hip-Hop’s birth; so discarded/Yet his knowledge provided nutrition for these artists/A martyr with no sequel, a falcon versus eagle/”Shahbazz” battling evil, Malcolm’s for the people,


When ebony was felony, X was facing enemies/Hegemony toppled, necessarily, by any means,/See an ex gangster, birthed the next chapter,/Any truth spit by rappers, it’s the X-factor


Extract the X-factor, expose they extravagance/Knowledge extracted; an exodus of Africans/Examples to expand, a black man excluded/Examine white expansion, is built on exclusion/X spit’s the truth, and explains the extinction/Of dark skinned men, is an express extension/Of exploration, Columbian Exchange, and extraction/Of resources, exposing explosive new facts/Like executive branch, executes George Jackson/While exhaust exfoliates, earthly expanses/Yet experts exaggerate, label X an Extremist/Express the X, his text, should have an Exegesis/From under Excrement; of lies they explicated/To exterminate X and replace it by explicit hate/That implicates X men, X’d out by yes-men/If you inherit the X, you’re next; Ex-pression

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