XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Yo You can’t stay home, or plug your phone/No status updates; the revolutions on/No ad spaces, no pause, no escape its/Time to embrace this; hate that made racists /Face this; like cases, Angela Davis/Vs the state, aka greater Satan /Orbiting sky; like Ozone divide/Mark of the beast activated by satellite/While hip hop patterns, surround Saturn/Cop scanners, spit out, useless chatter/Yusuf battles Shaytan in Blak Madeen And/It’s the same devil I face, as Black Steven/Believe in, this beacon, or face the demons/There’s a heathen back there, barely breathing/Pop artists lay bleeding, no where to hide/’Cuz this revolution wont be televised/


Media, no proof for the news, no truth/Politics, No parties to choose, no snooze/Life, we all lose, vaccination, no flues/No red, no blue, no unpaid dues/Hollywood, no clue, audience apathetic/Cerebellum enslaved, synapses synthetic/No Oscars, instead return Oscar grant/No Grammies, grant me, bullets from Oscar grants back/No pigs to battle back, no Tasers, or rat-tat-tat/No Chris Pratt, just a cat with a sword and saddle pack/Can you handle that, and bounce back like a rabbit/Land’s Wonder Alice, this Summer’s Alex, Havoc/And tragic, like death of Randy Savage/So no more flashes, or pomp and circumstances/No more chances like Magic’s, watch hashtags die/As people arise, revolution will be live



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