The Pen

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


I caught a pen in Mecca, we’ll see who’s crazy?/Label me with distaste, in your amylase/Even Spock can’t phase me, logics on point/Like pencils, at Standardized Test Taking Joints/Pinpoint marksman, who murdered Martin/Medgar and Marley, Malcolm and Marcus/My pen’s an artist, weave words in parchment/Ignites canvass and sparks they carcass/This pen’s a Burka, not the stark garment/But a Garuda, traveling to celestial apartments/The Heartless don’t bleed ink, for the pen to dip in/So darkness descends as the imam stays hidden/Wordsmiths can’t flip, or spit, what’s written/See a bad boy, a piston, teaching children/Or channel Sonny Liston, with devil intuition /And Fight Muhammad then, pen becomes a Prison


Pen, like penitentiary, or pen like penitent/Pen like pendant, when symbol is relevant/Penchant, for repentance, forgo penalties/Penetrate the hearts of men or end up Penelope/Awaiting odyssey; or backstab Pendragon/Repent within a cell, pants sagging/Pending trial, Pen-alized for tryin’ to elevate/System sicker than Pedophilia at Penn State/Labeled hostiles, by the Pentagon/But like Apostles, Here’s our Pentecost/We can escape the pen, thru Penmanship/Or stay trapped within, like Pendulums/Pensively pacing, within Parameters/Open gates with, this pentameter, /To rebel, or not rebel, that’s the question/Stay ignorant, or be inde-pen-dent (in the Pen, then)

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