XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Nimrod’s nihilism from Noah’s nemesis/Nautical nihilists; their ark is Nautilus/Naïve Narcissists, with Napoleon complexes/Nineveh’s last wish, a night with Nicodemus/Nifilhim’s wicked demons napalm Nazareth/Jeru is Lazarus, Norseman it battles with/Nicaea negates essence of New Testament/Neanderthals sack city bring wealth to Netherlands/Then navigate natron to discover new lands/New nations manufactured; in newsstands/Neutralize Natives, Noose Nubian Nobility/Narcotics to Nirvana and Nuke Nagasaki/Nazi Holocaust, nightmares of Nostradamus/Knock off Nat Turner and invade your subconscious


New world exploited, from Nauhatl to Navajo/While new knowledge is neglected in Nouveau Chateau/Nations maintain their networks, thru nepotism/Newcomers feed Nexus ‘cuz they fear cataclysm/News covers Newtown, New York, Nine Eleven/To distracts us from new waves of imperialism/From Nepal to New Guinea, bombs in Nairobi/Nagas in New Delhi, outlawed like Ned Kelly/Never report danger of nicotine in Newports/Never Nanking, but Nuremburg’s nude corpses/Makes the news, am I neurotic for noticing/Cover Nickel-plated nines but never, Noble kings/Gnostics dismissed as Conspiracy theorists/So we hobble along like the 99 Knicks/The Necronomicon is the Bible for Neocons?/So prelude to Iran, another Vietnam?/The Niles nectar’s bitter without Nefertiti/I pray, the Native sun of Nargis, never leaves me


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