Mount Krushmore

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Silhouetted by stars, your countenance on rock/Stone faced, embrace, impact made on Hip-Hop/Mount Krushmore of this movement; groovin’/Iggy heads clueless; Drake fans, stupid/Without these contributions, units aren’t moving/No billboard recognition, no bassheads tunin’/Like Radio, Mr. Magic, we’ve come a long way/Without Jocko’s Rocket, ridin’ waves to space/A black spade essay, and a freight train station/Birthed Afrika Bambaaata; and the Zulu Nation/Impossible, without Gil Scott Heron/Without Cab Calloway or Lee Scratch Perry/No Kool Herc, the Bronx, or Sedgwick Ave/Without James Brown, or Cindy Campbell/No Starski, Cheeba, or Coke La Rock?Would we ever have this culture, known as Hip-Hop?


James Brown, Cab Calloway, Muhammad Ali/H-Rap Brown, aka Jamil Alameen/Or is it Kris, Chuck, Melle Mell and KMD/Lyrically, is it Ra, Nas, Pac or Biggie?


Muhammad Ali, boxed verses, and spit stanzas/Where would Harlem World be without Fatman and/Busybee and Moe Dee, and lyrically, Spoonie Gee/Set stages for later ages, just like Cowboy Keith/Melle Mell; Creole; Scorpio and Raheem/But Big Hank; wonder mike and master gee/Owe Sylvia Robinson’s for building Sugarhill, /Rubin, Def Jam, Run DMC the bill


Russell Simmons and Kurtis Blow, sparked it/Winley Records, Malcolm X’d it, farthest/Tanya spit viscous rhymes for her father, /And DJ Hollywood, had mainstream sponsors/Where would Freddy and Lee be without Blondie/Or even KMD without the Treacherous Three/Funky Four plus one, and Cold Crush brothers/Owe Grandmaster flash’s toggle switch honor/We rocked well, our Kraft werked, discoes closed/Community halls packed to brim, Jazzy Jay knows /Cas Fly spit it first; Spyder Dee hustled/Grand Wizzard added scratch, the Sasquatch muscle/Block party’s, Apache, rocked for hours /Lawrence parker inspired like Carleton Ridenhour/Juice Crew, BDP, who wear’s the crown?/If Hip-Hop had one founder it’d be, H. Rap Brown

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