XFactor by Professor A.L.I.VERSE 1:

I spent a night in Tunisia, it left me Dizzy/Amnesia bout Words I Manifest, kiss me/My tongue’s more Native than my passport/And I started as a Last Poet who transforms/Like a sandstorm, (Islam) just ask Ahmad Jamal/A Karavan to Karbala is what sparked it all/Darkness falls, woke up in Dixielands/Its Ragtime: now they remix me, yeah/Before Idris, Muhammad, or Pharaoh/Discovered, amidst a square in Congo/Fathered by Black spirituals, from churches/Mothered by laws, Bannin Max roaches/No drums, so I returned, to body rhythms/Recalling Zaynab’s voice from Yazeed’s prison/Musical innovation, dismiss blackfaces/And heal this sick nation with Syncopation


My sister’s so blue, paint my mood Indigo/A gumbo box, used to protect my embryo/I made Bolden King, Basie a Count/I helped Art Blakey, make you bounce/When Ella drew Ink Spots, I saw landscapes/You heard Fats Waller, and I would translate/Langston sparked, my renaissance in Harlem/Ate a jelly roll, (Morton) though I was cautioned/Harlem forgotten, Got clubbed by cotton/Duke saved me, gave me to Sonny Rollins/While Cab was talking, I’m a cold man Hawkin/Cannoball, Lateef and Slide be boppin/Like Lion Smith, with Jimmy Johnson/Chambers takes me, like a baseline walking/Hand cocked like Herbie, when Mingus told me/Bout strange fruit he saw on holiday with Billy


On a cold train, taking Giant Steps/Visionary like Tatum yet I’m dismissed/So In protest, I’ve walked miles; like Davis/Duked it out with Jordan, so I could battle racists/Black cats spitting scat, holding signboards/Little Rock made my Armstrong despite war/I had Heebie Jeebies, over Louis’s casket/Body orjazzmic; dome Digable Planet/And when I spoke my word, I invoke Don Byrd/Till my heart burst, and I fly, Yardbird/Charlie P, essential like Brooklyn funk/Took a vow of silence with Thelonious Monk/Till I found some Prophets spittin truth in Watts and/Hip Hoppin, I got bassheads dropping/Relaxing, Ronnie foster knows/Hip Hop verse, written upon blue notes


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