XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Life’s a crapshoot, so I’m hoping for seven/Gamble with fate, will I make news at eleven/More black males in prison, than learning school lessons/Yet 2 billion for rockets, piercing thru heavens/Half a trillion a year, for building ill weapons/Yet a child dies hungry every seventeen seconds/A sick statistic of sadistic proportions/Blood drips from this verse like illegal abortions/Like dead bodies, homeless, widows and orphans/Babies, gas-swole bellies, human misfortune/Hip-Hop takes notice, but pop artists hide/Why would Jay Z, waste G’s, at Club Live/“Young Black and Famous”, Yeah I’m a strip you naked/Like Ethiopian kids, hungry and left shaken/Who you could’ve helped, (yeah) isn’t that “the win-win”/Guess your mind was spinning just “like your rims that is”

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