XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Recycled by a cyclones, a Cyclops; sight gone/Radiated like remnants of Saigon, Icons/Crushed by pythons, debris, fallen pylons/Pile on, infrastructure, like cons, or like Khan/Baghdad in crisis, the second coming of Isis/Wrath of Poseidon, icebergs melt, destroy islands /Sons of Isaac, rebuild temples built by Cyrus/By exploding domes touched by Midas, eyelids/Fill with tears, peep the violence, hear violins/Playing with the trumpet horn, then silence/Servers with no service, EMP, broken circuits/Mortar shells in Damascus, Noah’s Ark a circus/Typhoons and torrents, servants struck by serpents/Insects that were dormant, return as plague locusts/Brimstone, burns away flesh, cancerous organs/Mother earth divested, her blessings turned curses/


He sat upon pale horse, his forces are reinforced/Resurrection’s lessons, corpses armed with swords/A zombie apocalypse, (mystics) with divine endorsement/Monsoons, wash away napalm and argent orange/What emerges, from dead bodies of former soldiers/Are Armageddon’s roses, fragrance of ambrosia/From concrete shadows, seeds break with purpose/In concert, with rhythm of squeaks from a porpoise/And orcas swim with swordfish, humpbacks resurface/Pandas, tigers and rhinos, return with rain forests/Lions ride pachyderms like Akbar and Porus/The kraken enforces order, the falcon is Horus/The Andes are a fortress, the Ganges, resources/Burst from furnace, volcanic ash, new epidermis/Life’s cycle, a circle, the earth in revolution/Returning to a point before human’s devolution





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