XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Hip Hop is life preserver, rewinds murder/M.C. is wordsmyth, who rebirths in verses/The soul of the being, energies converted/Into imagery that flows offa these words


(A Dedication to James Cowling who was killed in the early 1990’s in Hayward, CA; he was a classmate and friend of Professor A.L.I. in his youth)

One day were dressing in our PE uniforms/The next, disbelief and stress, I would mourn/The loss of a brother, student, young father/Two decades later, your boy is still bothered/By exaggerated police reports, “the pigs lied”/No way u did, what they said you did, “while high [Like] flipping cars, shooting cops [in their] bullet proof”/Anyone who saw you smile, knows the truth


(A Dedication to Malcolm Shabazz who was murdered in Mexico City on May 9th, 2013, he was a brother in faith, ardent supporter of and close friend to Professor A.L.I.–their first conversation comprises the interludes on XFactor)

I still remember our first convo over the phone/Your recent trip to Syria, your deep baritone/We spoke of your daughter, you met mine and smiled/Your colognes scent still lingers in my mind/I find myself Googling for the truth behind your murder/They lied, Hashim, circus and I are certain/I miss your smile so much, you were my blood brother/I shudder, funeral home, washing your blood brother…

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