Diasporal Histories

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.VERSE 1:

Iberian savages, laced with Spanish with/Manacles to shackle and cannons to capture kids/Saw advantages in Africans, products of algebra/Mastery of languages, their establishment/Sought to vanquish our flashes of Maximus/Outlander’s ravaged us, outlandishness/Children vanished, permanently damaged/No caskets, a salty baptism for standing up/Rat infested carriages to Islands we battle with/Antagonists brandish us, mark us like packages/Old names erased, replaced like marriages/Whiplash on backs, burn skin like dragon spit/Sado masochists, Satan’s ambassadors,/Draculas, drain corpses thru catheters/Cardiovascular taxes paid thru massacres/Griot salvages, this story of middle passages


A Scotsman buys an African Bondsman/Names him Johnson, his own history forgotten/At the bottom; skin rips, he picks Cotton/Downtrodden, his story was common/Left with no options, he’s misbegotten/No adoptions, seeds stolen, sold at Auctions/She’s raped and catalogued, then flogged and/Locked in, knocked until her wombs throbbin/Besieged by goblins, till she rests in coffin/Arrests by watchman; fugitive slave doctrines/Stolen from Gotham, even the apple’s rotten/Like Solomon, fed toxins, stole by conman/Mason Dixon crossings, Eliza, Ice hoppin/Henry Brown boxed himself to Boston/So like Fred Douglass, or Harriet Tubman/Alex Haley is a Bailey and a Baily is a Moslem


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