Coast to Coast

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


East Coast Hip Hop College kids/West Coast Hip Hop is Politics/Midwest Hip-Hop Coalition/Dirty south just go and get it


Ravaged by gringos, scavenged by Jim Crow/The lingo of black codes, mingle with black folk/Dreams Deferred; mind’s lassoed/Dome scrimshawed, cerebellum exposed/To subliminal messages; erasing vestiges /Of role models, invoking the best of us/A chariot with Harriet, railroad tracks/And truth is cut short, by Bunyan’s axe/Mythologies, invade psychology, black/Amnesia erases, the Emmitt Till attack, /Arkansas explosion, Paul Bogle, Turner/Nanny’s marooned; brainwashed learners/Emerge from regions with behaviors patterned/Regional Hip-Hop, influenced by gray matter /Party anthems, to lyrical masters/Each place birthed its own style of rapper


Light a Black candle, invoke Mackandal/Two saints influenced “islands” yet abandoned/By folks who stayed behind, mule, 40 acres/Poole forsakes, White Jesus as a savior/Elijah leaves south before MLK major/Booker T, bootstrap mentality, flavors/Gumbo, dirty grind, hustle, even hyphy/WEB, systemic with black psyche /And Langston’s use of language laces east/Wordplay, imagination, facing beast/Who Wrote with Richard in the present tense/And convinced Ellison, of his relevance/Drew a Noble sword, in temple, science/Like Clarence circled seven signs/13x, spit infinite rhymes/Rings in headphones, enters your mind


Marcus marks path, cross Mississippi/Adherents in Earl Little, and even EP/Both birth Malcolm, Omaha Nebraska/Path to West Coast, legacy Black Panthers/Oakland: Huey P.; Chi-town: Hampton/Bunchy Carter, LA, original gangsta/Bloods and Cuz’n, are just Party Bastards/Politic Bay, Watts riots show anger/Noise and clamor, embrace the darkness/Million Man Marches, Farrakhan sparks it/East’s lyrics, Wests spirit, Midwest harvests/Public transportation, east, headphone market/That’s why West Coast, bangs the hardest/And why Bay Area artists remain targets/Like Malcolm Shabazz, returned here as a martyr/Al Fatiha; spit Duas for his daughters…


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