XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Intro The Moth doesn’t seek the light; It seeks to be extinguish by it; It seeks an endless darkness, It seeks to be one with Blackness (the concept of Fanaa)


To the Blackness, attracted, never wanna go back/Like moth to flame, I’m One with the Black


Blackness is a seed, its a diamond’s ancestor/Stolen by greed, Blackness, is a victim of oppression/Blackness is the hope, inside Pandora’s Package/Blackness is Sanskrit, (therefore) Blackness is language/Blackness is what we can salvage, from middle passage,/Blackness is Fatima’s marriage, not her miscarriage/Blackness is truth, Blackness is Isabelle Baumfree/Blackness is born free, the mother who bore me/Blackness is blessing forecast, by sincere fasts/Blackness is an outcaste, lost tribe of Shabazz/Its Hagar, black stone, and cloaked Kaaba/A girl screaming’ in Persian, “Tishnam Baba!”/On Ashura, blackness is Kawthar’s fountain/Ismail’s thirst; quenched between Mountains/Blackness is the life in who’s slain, not pain of Husayn/It’s free shadow cast by Zaynab, trapped in chains


Blackness is Eve, blackness is skies canvass/Its chances at the first campus/What’s Blackness? Its Hannibal’s mammoths/Its poetry that vexed; actress, Irene papas/Blackness is the ink, of the 36th chapter/And after, Blackness is following, the master/Its is Nana Asmau, iron striking anvil/Blackness is anthem, Blackness is tranquil/Blackness is Griot; (Blackness) and rhythm in Nashville/Its radio in plasma, not plastic in landfills/Blackness is Mansa, so blackness is thankful/Its womb and the tomb, Blackness is Malcolm/It’s call and the answer; it’s the Black Panthers/Assata and Hampton; Jonathan Jackson/Like Soledad; killing corruption; (Blackness)/Its karma coming’ for the dozen they gave Bobby Hutton


Blackness is a debt of respect; paid to Kemet,/Magnetic strips, on bottom of cassettes/Impressions left; upon, crisp vinyl,/Turntables spiral, blackness is Carbon Cycle/Blackness is, scratches that heal scars, deep/Its hard beats, that reflect the heart beat/Blackness is the street, but not its beef/Krylon drips off walls; its art that weeps/Its Coded words, its letters jumbled/Blackness blooms, in concrete jungles/Its Sam Cook Samples, Jacky Wilson or Marvin/Its pen on pad, words past the margin/Its speakers, receivers; cords and a mic/Blackness is M.C., (therefore) blackness is hype/Blackness is dropping science and mathematics/Blackness is so Hip-Hop; Hip-Hop is Blackness


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