Beneath Mom’s Feet

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Fatal incisions, in death, he bleeds crimson/To dominion of the Most High, she listens /To heartbeats fade, as machines parts hum/Cries of agony, our souls struck dumb/The culmination, of all of our fears/As our lost dream’s, dust, falls near/Collecting, on strange, hospital floors/Outlining, body arranged, on all fours/Yeah Momma, could’ve divorced him/If she went through, with my abortion/Yet she supported, even when he snorted/He lost it, she took the alcohol and poured it/Then he bounced, leaving her homeless/With two seeds, she couldn’t afford its/Can food drives sleeping in a ford escort/While my homey James, is in a morgue/Moved thru projects, amorphous, no support/She made it thru, with the words, “Oh lord”/Two years, later; he’s back and forth/She takes him back, puts us back on course/My life story, her life, forms my purpose/Her mercy, gives me hope, and forces/Love in my veins, to flow to my organs/My hemoglobin, laced with endorphins/Like Euphrates, it changes courses /She made me, and her hearts enormous/Forgive him, as vultures flock to his corpse/Its too late, some say, only hate comes forth/His heart broke, and now I’m heart broken/How many words lay dormant, unspoken/‘Tween father and son, were we opponents?/Battles, potent, James Logan, threw me out in the open/Cash, he loaned friends, banks, he owed them/And I stayed motivated, saying I’d show him/But when he died, my love finally awoke/Saw his bad luck, omens, feeling hopeless/Fleeting moments, orbits, my fleeing hope is/For one open honest, convo to cope with/Then Mom collapsed; like the pale horse did/When I asked, where’s my dad, like an orphan


My fall is broken by cement fragments/The dust of asphalt, ripped apart, anguish/Fills my belly; anger fills my heart/Your accosted, by three pale skinned sharks/I was only five years old, it was hard/Yet even then, yeah, I tried to fight them off/I tried to bite them, did I buy you time then/For your screams to find, Samaritans/To pull ’em off, forgive my softness/My innocence lost, I see my carcass/My soul departs it, darkness, reincarnated/The shackles of fate, hate, emancipated/Like 20 year’s later, I would prostrate/And beg God, to take the cancer away/Remission, manumission, fruit of submission/Time was given, living by his permission/Your condition improved, five more years/Faith watered by canals, formed by tears/You sing, like a songbird, your optimism/Throughout your life, you saved countless children/Taught generations, how to read and write/How many people now, owe you their life?/I miss our walks, (Mom), your voice, our talks/I miss your cooking, (Mom) I miss your spark/I miss your prayers, (Mom), I miss your advice/I wish, you could (Mom) still guide my life /Matin and Husna, (Mom), your grandchildren/See you play with ’em, and give ’em/The same lessons, you raised me with/And Mom, I’m no longer that lazy kid/I hustle, to be just like you, strugglin’/Since you’ve been gone, its been troubling/Ismail left us, right after you did/And Left behind the same tears in the eyes of his kids/Then ‘fic did a bid, fear replaced knowledge/And I needed you like when Jeff was a hostage/Then Malcolm was murdered, in cold blood/A mother, should never have to bury her son (QB)/As I washed his corpse, I needed your hug/To remind me of hope, Mom, I needed you love

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