Beef Stew

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Your egregious, I leave you leaking with lyrical lesions/Like the legions of leeches, you refer to as leaders/Leave em, believe this, life gives two leases/So live first, (yeah) so second increases/My thesis, venomous lyrics invoke despair/Low intensity warfare, my angst is bared/To blank stares, yeah, my verses go there/Vengeance in Hip-Hop is beef prepared/Marinated, ill imaginations of revenge/Hyperbolic, symbolic, most pretend/True artists, grind, slaving to make ends/For fake friends, our thoughts, labels rape them/Intellectual property stolen, calf golden/Your records, who owns them, your chosen/You owe them. So your assets broken/That’s ice, colder than an Eskimo homes and/Revenge is dish, that’s best served frozen/Like Seagram’s liquor owners, Interscope/PolyGram, UMG, Def Jam, but not ALI/I spit bars like ‘ghazi spits blood Qaddafi/So I Self Lord And Master, no battle rapper/Can use my name, to bid up a disaster/I’ve outlasted my critics, like Riddick on planet/I pitch black, raps, to a brown demographic

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