4 Elements Of The HipHopalypse

XFactor by Professor A.L.I.


Hip Hop’s elementary, exponentially/Essentially truth, nemesis for centuries/Picture these, crosses ablaze supremacists (fire)/Water hose, emphasis (water) ; quote Genesis (wind)/Bury the evidence (earth), essence four elements/Earth, wind, fire, water, plus intelligence/Send me the codes, they killed seventy folks/Truth stays hidden beneath Yemeni cloak/Memory stoked, yet too many stay broke/Felonies choke us, yet ebony spoke up/And awoke us; and like Wovoka/Invoke ancestors, lest u lose focus/Just like Judas, no HIPocrisy/To be hip, is to know like Socrates/Hip-Hop is peace, Hop is to move/Hip-Hop is the groove of intelligent movement

Consider this:

Breaking on surface, circles like dervish (EARTH)/Like windmills, records, spin on purpose (WIND)/Like mist from cans kiss, artists spirit (WATER)/Vicious spit, MC’s brimstone, atmospheric (FIRE)

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