Pomegranate: The Moors and Black History Month

Pomegranate is an allusion for Granada, the last vestige of Moorish rule in Europe.  This piece examines the influence of the Moors in Europe and the influence the Moors would continue to have in the so called ‘New World’ and even explores the mythology and legend around the story of Black Steven, the first Moor acknowledged as having traversed the Americas.

This EP, also contains two other songs that explore Moorish influence, examining the Beloved, which inspired them, which is the Qur’an and finally, Pistola a remix of Soledad Brothers, which picks up the narrative of the Moorish seed in the Americas today.

The Moors and their influence is not heavily covered in history, at least not commensurate to their impact on the modern world, but even less so is the mention of the Moorish genetic impact and the legacy of the Moorish seed into modern time.

This album is the beginning of this, and released fresh for Black History Month.


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