Children of Karbala


The story of three children brutally killed at Karbala. They were grandchildren of Fatima and great grandchildren of the Prophet Muhammad. The young teen, Qasim ibn Hasan, was stomped to death by horses. Ali Akbar was stabbed in the back and Ali Asghar, known as Abdullah, who was only 6 months old had his throat lacerated. All three corpses were beheaded. These heinous acts were carried out by those who called themselves Muslims, even as they slaughtered the family of their Prophet. These were the predecessors of the Taliban, ISIS, and other hateful groups today.

2 thoughts on “Children of Karbala

  1. It is a wrong propaganda that these personalities were the forefathers of today’s ISIS it’s a lie. ISIS is a terrorist group which is anti Muslim as well as anti Shia they kill men women and kids from all faiths alike and they have been linked to shias just to tarnish the identity of Shia Muslims. In fact imam Hussain a.s and his followers can never be terrorists bcuz our imam opposed all forms of violence he and his family were moving away from his oppressors just to evade violence but his enemies the famous yazid made his army attack them and massacre them after keeping them in seige without water and food for 3 days. Please read carefully about Shia Islam before giving out wrong information

  2. I believe you have misread the sentence/article. He says “those who killed the children of Hussain (as)” are the forbears of modern groups like the Taliban and ISIS who continue to kill followers of Hussain (as) today.

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