Hussein Fatal, RIP… another Invisible Man?

Hussein Fatal RIP

INVISIBLE MAN was a track off of my first solo album, entitled Carbon Cycle Diaries… I feel like I’ve grown a lot as an artist & educator since, yet it was this album that helped launch my solo/independent artist career and it was through the encouragement of well-established artists like Lord Jamar, Killah Priest and the late Hussein Fatal that the project garnered steam and I felt both supported and validated as an M.C. & griot of our Hip-Hop kulture.

The track Invisible Man is multi-layered, it both hearkens to Ralph Ellison’s seminal work and that of H.G. Wells.  It also weaves in the idea of being invisible as an artist–paraphrasing the words of Hussein Fatal on the track and that of being invisible within a nation.  It weaves in a 2pac sample is probably the most upbeat track I’ve ever done.  Yet there is another layer to the track and its about being erased– and at a time in America where the world is finally noticing the erasing of black men and women from this plane of existence through police violence, the Hip-Hop community has to say goodbye to another icon and pillar of our kulture.

RIP Hussein Fatal aka brother Bruce Washington, Jr.  The news of your passing, caught me by surprise and I truly could not believe it.  We are both the same age, not only was I a fan of your work but you helped move along my artistic career, collaborated with me and helped brew within me a sense of confidence through your humility and kind words during our brief interaction.  After having to say goodbye to the Jack (the Jacka aka Shaheed Akbar) who was murdered earlier this year, to hear of a car accident that snuffed out your vibrancy is hard to bear.  My prayers and thoughts are with your spirit and your family and close friends, to whom my family offers our deepest condolences–you will rest in power & peace–and your words and your legacy will make it impossible for you to be “erased”… no in truth you will be more visible than ever.

I’m re-releasing & re-dedicating the song Invisible Man to you and yours. Stay blessed in heaven as you were in this life my dear brother and send my salaams to ‘Pac & Yaki in the heavenly abode.

Invisible no more.

#WestCoastHipHop #HusseinFatalRIP #HusseinFatal #Hussein #Fatal #Outlawz #2pac #RIP #InvisibleMan #blacklivesmatter

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