The story of Hip-Hop from Makkah to Mecca


The X-Factor is an album that is part of an innovative, and unique Hip-Hop curriculum, taught from the lens of Hip-Hop.  Instead of starting in New York, in the Bronx, where Hip-Hop is birthed… it begins outside the dungeons of Damascus, Syria, and travels through Kemet to Northern and then Western Africa, and from the Middle Passage to the Americas.  There are many threads but they lead to the narrative of an African woman, imprisoned by an Arab despot in Syria, to be released, and tell her story, one which inspired sponatneous poetry and body rhythms, kept by a chest beat.  This lamentation was truly “intelligent movement”* and it inspired oral traditions that became the fibers of the threads that wove the fabric of Hip Hop.  (Are you hip, as in, are you in the know–intelligence and hop as a verb, you must move to do it–movement)

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